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ABOUService King

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  • Miami - Dade (FL)

  • Broward (FL)

  • Palm Beach (FL)

  • Martin (FL)

  • Port Saint Lucie (FL) 

The history of Service King started from a family-owned appliance sales and repair shop, in the late '80s. Which quickly blossomed into an HVAC Air Conditioning and Refrigeration company. That made its mark heavily in the South Florida area.


Since then the owner's son branched off and started another company and division in the Southern California areas. Now merging the two, along with other companies and services that have been acquired throughout the years. Service King can now provide you with all of your home, building or property service needs. 


While still being owned and operated by the original family. Rest assured when you refer a friend to us, you can still say: 


"Hey, I know someone who can help !"



Thank you all for your business.

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